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Finally we are totally online! After too many months we have moved from in office training to online services. We ran tests the last few weekends and are ready to finalize class structure and see who wants to sign up. to begin with we will have class on Sunday's. If you like please let us know a time preference and type of class most interests. The classes offered are not finalized for the web site description but basically we want to offer a four week package (1.5 hours) per session training and meditation. An ongoing meditation class. 10% training 90% meditation. Also we will offer the 8 week mindfulness training class. 2 hours per week. In office we charged $480.00 for all 16 hours and follow up support. We refined this course over a four year period in a clinical setting and full training manual. It is our hope that we can bring more students in per class and lower the price. My goal is $250, almost half of the in office charge. ill be updating new class descriptions over the next week. Any input is welcome.

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